Wednesday, November 13, 2013

R.O.L.E. Foundation welcomed Media Corp Singapore Television to the Island Sustainability Center on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 for the upcoming-featured documentary on Green Footprints.

Singapore Television reporter Paige Chua and producer Ng Sei Fong (Gin) visited the center to learn about the Environmentally Sustainable Designs (ESD) at R.O.L.E foundation.

Led by R.O.L.E. Foundations current Environmental Ambassadors, the Singapore film crew focused on five primary principles: RE-use, Recycle, Rethink, Redesign to teach creative solutions to sustainable agriculture, waste management, and development planning for sustainable lifestyles and community development programs.

The first stop was our solid waste management station. In Bali, 20,000 tons of waste is produced daily of which 60% of all waste is organic matter. Composting organic waste materials produces incredibly mineral rich soil. The waste generated in Bali can be used to create compost which provides nutritious soil without the cost of fertilizer and the purchase of soil.

The second stop was our seedling farm. Singapore TV reporter Paige Chua discovered  the knowledge that from a tiny seed grows a big tree, many trees make a forest, small trees grow into large tree to counter and assist with global warming, seedlings grow into fruit trees to provide food for communities, seedlings grow into herbs to cure disease and provide food for the family.

The third stop was our Natural medicine training station. Herbs and spices contribute to our health and quality of life. Herbs can help with a large variety of health issues. Herbs and spices can improve taste and nutrition of foods. In our natural medicine shop, Paige Chua learned enjoyed the experience of  making Jamu Juice. Jamu juice is a very old Indonesian traditional medicine.

Jamu helps with a large variety of health issues. It boosts immunity, vitality and libido. The Jamu industry provides business opportunities for many local Balinese women. R.O.L.E. specializes in Tamarind Jamu, Galangal Rice Jamu, and Tumeric Jamu. Tamarind Jamu’s medicinal benefits include cooling the stomach and revitalizing the body.  Galangal Rice Jamu reduces body aches and is rich in antioxidants. Lastely, Tamarind Jamu is an anti-inflammatory & boosts immunity.

The natural plants that feed our medicine shop all grown organically at our Island Sustainability Education Centre cause less side effects. They have less chemicals and are far less toxic. The local Balinese communities have long-term experience with natural plants.  They can be grown at low cost and promote a healthy life.

The fourth stop for Singapore TV was our natural dyes weaving training station. R.O.L.E. women weaver’s use a natural dying process for our organic cotton. Dyes discharged into the environment cause harm and many diseases.  The natural dyes produced are used to dye the organic cotton used by the women weavers to make beautiful artisan products that will soon be sold on the fair trade market thus creating micro business opportunities for the women of Bali.

The show will be telecast in February 2014.  We will post the full footage. Until then, enjoy the photos taken during the visit.

Thank you Media Corp Singapore Television for visiting.
Singapore TV