Visit the ZeroWaste Center

The ZeroWaste Center offers educational, interactive tours for children, adults and company groups (MICE). During a guided tour, you will learn about waste in the environment and sustainable solutions in a fun way.

You will learn about reforestation, marine life, waste separation, composting, upcycling and recycling, and more. And you will make a seed ball, do a herb smelling contest, taste organic jamu, dye your own bandana with natural dyes.

You can book a ZeroWaste Tour below.

adults visited

kids visited

Book a ZeroWaste Tour

A ZeroWaste Tour takes 3 hours and includes a guided tour, demonstrations, mini-workshops, a goodie bag and refreshments.


Group of 10 and above

  • Adults: Rp. 390,000 / person
  • Kids <12yrs: Rp. 290,000 / person

Below 10 pax

  • Adults: Rp. 500,000 / person
  • Kids <12yrs: Rp. 400,000 / person

Leave your contact details below and we will contact you to set a date and provide you with further details.

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ZeroWaste Center Goes to School!

ZeroWaste Center conducted a Waste Management & Compost Workshop on Wednesday, 21 June 2023 at SD No. 11 Jimbaran, South Kuta. The workshop aims to elaborate on how to manage...

ZeroWaste Tour for Earth Company

Earth Company visited ZeroWaste Center by bringing three Japanese guests to have a great and ecological tour. They really enjoy every activity that we provide at ZeroWaste Center...

Japanese Students from Earth Company Visit ZeroWaste Center

ZeroWaste Center received a group of Japanese students from Earth Company to have an interesting and knowledgeable experience through the ZeroWaste Tour. They looked enthusiastic...

Our Bali Your Bali ZeroWaste Tour

The ZeroWaste Center was visited by Dean Keddell who brought a group of tourists from Australia as part of Our Bali Your Bali Book Tour to get a unique experience regarding waste...

ZeroWaste Tour – Earth Company visit to ZeroWaste Center

Three guests coming from Earth Company Ubud visited the ZeroWaste Center to do an interactive tour session that explained the ZeroWaste Center program, which is a movement to...

Global Month of Service- Alila Villas Uluwatu Visit to ZeroWaste Center

ZeroWaste Center is honored to welcome Alila’s Global Month of Service celebrating its 13th anniversary by giving the service back to society. The event includes an interactive...

The ZeroWaste Center is Temporarily Closed Due to Emergency COVID-19 Restriction

Responding to the implementation of emergency public activity restrictions policy (PPKM) in the Bali and Java area from 3rd to 20th of July, the ZeroWaste Center is temporarily...

ZeroWaste Tour with Bali Riverside Homeschool

Nine kids aged 9-11 years from the Bali Riverside Homeschool in North Kuta were very excited to hands-on activities during a ZeroWaste Tour in the ZeroWaste Center. ...

Constructing Roof for Waste Management Station

Now that R.O.L.E. Foundation has received recycling machinery, it is important to store them in a dry and safe place. That is why right now, a solid roof is built in the Waste...

COVID-19 Update

As of 7 May 2020, Bali has 287 persons confirmed for COVID-19 cases with 188 of them already cured. Coronavirus pandemic has hit Bali hard, where about 80 percent of its GDP is...