A. Environment and Waste Management Education

  • Waste Management Class at Bali WISE
    This is a 12 weeks length course about waste management and environmental awareness. The 31 basic students at Bali WISE have a course, discussion, quiz, and practical exam on the waste management that will assess their knowledge and in the end they will be able to separate their waste and manage their waste through reduce, reuse, and recycling. This is the course that have been given this August.
  • Waste Management at Community Environment and Skills Center
    Every Friday and Saturday the basic and vocational students of Bali WISE will go to the Community Environment and Skills Center to have a hands on experience on waste management, sustainable development, composting, seedlings, reforestation, and organic farming.

B. Public School Healthy Environment Training Program

This program aims is to educate young children age 8-12 about waste management, waste separation from organic and non-organic, recyclable and non-recyclable, composting, and how to turn the waste into something valuables. All of this activities included in waste to wonder activity.

First, the school’s waste management systems is assessed. Then the students invited to do half-day interactive training program at our Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment and Skills Center. Twenty students at a time are collected and returned in the foundation’s bus. There will be a follow up assessment and change evaluation.

The first school that join the training is SDN 1 Benoa on August 30th, 2018. This time, 20 students from SDN 1 Benoa and 2 teachers were learning about healthy environment approach at our Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment and Skills Center. These students will add our impacts into 6583 since we first started this program.

After opening at 9 am sharp in our amphitheater and discussed about why they should care about environment, we began the tour. First station is waste separation station where they taught about how to classify waste and what kind of recyclable and non-recyclable waste through song and practical approach. After that students were making compost.

The result of compost were shown on Seed Bank and Seedlings. Here, the students learnt to create seedlings, seed balls, and how to take care of plant nursery. Most of the students were bright and eager to learn. After that they had a fun by playing a seed balls and learnt about the type of plants name.

Moving up to the next station, the students learnt the core information about natural dyes, weaving, and how to do soap upcycle. All of the students were inquisitives and happy to learnt something that they didn’t have a chance to learn it at school.
After the satisfying refreshments and drink with our lemongrass tea harvested from our own garden, we took photograph together and made a vow to keep Bali healthy and clean!

C. Environmental Ambassador

This is a three month full time course covering the following topics: Zero Waste to Oceans Management; Sustainable Business Management; Parkland, Footpath and Beautification; Council Level Governance; Basic Engineering; Computer Mapping; Planning and Design; Transparancy Reporting and Planning. Students will come from village level government (Banjar or Desa) or as teachers, where they can immediately apply new skills for the village’s development.

Right now the environmental ambassador is in the process of pilot project in Bondalem Village, Tejakula North Bali. We also sent the questionnaires about this program to Bondalem.

D. Eco Youth Role Model

Eco Youth Role Model targets youth between 17-25 years of age. Senior high school and university students are taught with hands on experience about waste management, sustainable business and healthy environmental practices. In addition, they will learn about public speaking and how to speak up about environmental problems in Bali.

The first meeting successfully held at our Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment and Skills Center.

On Friday August 31st, 2018, we had our first Eco Youth gathering in our Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment and Skills Center. Eco Youth is a club by R.O.L.E. Foundation to empower Indonesia’s youth to become role model for sustainable environment. Twenty four enthusiastic youth across Bali came to discuss environment problem and its solutions, get their hands dirty through learning by doing.

During 3 hours from 2-5 pm, these youth from diverse background were united by the same concern of increasing pollution in the island of Bali and the need of youth actions to solve this problems. Some of them were students with Agrotechnology major, Marine and Fisheries, Medicine, English, Management, or regular students in junior and senior high school. All of them were eager to learn more about environment and share what they have been doing in combating waste problem. Separating the waste and making compost are the most common activities they have been doing on their own.

In this Eco Youth first gathering they learnt together about waste separation, composting using lasagna method, the importance of seed bank, the advantages of having seed balls, companion planting, natural dyes, traditional weaving, soap upcycling, and planting trees. All of this activities provided by R.O.L.E. Foundation to stimulate their ideas in solving environmental problems.

We hope this meeting could gather all passionate youth across Bali and Indonesia and they could become the leaders of tomorrow who are able to inspire future generations to live sustainable lifestyle for green and healthy Bali and Indonesia.

E. Bondalem Eco Village Project

This is an assistance project in Bondalem Village where they have an Eco Tourism project. ROLE Foundation is in charge on Waste Management System, Sustainable Business and Footpath, Parkland, Beautification. We will also build environment center there.

On August 4-5th, our Environmental Educator conducted his survey to the Bondalem area to find out more about the projects and program that be done by them.


Figure 7a and 7b. Unseparated waste in TPST Bondalem and Vertical park using old plastic bottle in
TPST Bondalem