Meeting No.2

Present: locals Wayan Ribang and Mega with Mike O’Leary.
Absent: Paola (Eco Bali) in Flores, Katerina and Max in Russia.
There is a existing system in place, but no staff or proper management. Mostly trash is burned and dumped everywhere.
  • Wayan to get a position for concrete bins position for Eco Bali to be able to be carried away.
  • Wayan to get the Banjar on board.
  • Mega to list up Local Committee members.
  • Next meeting around 12th September.

1st meeting Points discussed by Paola

  • Establish local committee.
  • Finalize location for concrete bins for pick up (suggested 2 …one at each end but on one side the road is very bad and not accessible by our trucks.
  • Signs.
  • Big clean up (collaborative involving all the warungs…possibly cost involved is to rent one big truck).
  • Bins for warung.
  • Event for fundraising.
  • Employ one or 2 persons full time to clean, collect waste from warungs and bring waste to main concrete bin for final collection.
  • Regular waste collection pick up from Ecobali.
  • Awareness sessions.

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