To develop the interest of the Bali WISE students towards nature and permaculture, R.O.L.E. Foundation has developed the Project Personal Plant Care.

Project Personal Plant Care 

Project Personal Plant Care is a project developed by R.O.L.E. Foundation’s Permaculture Gardener and the Environmental Educators to develop the interest of Bali WISE students toward plants and permaculture. The project has recently started with Bali WISE students of intake 46. Every student will plant one plant and care for it until graduation in a duration of six months. With their weekly reporting on the plant’s development, they will gain a better understanding of the growing process, the nourishment, and the reproduction cycle. 

Plants for the Future

The 13 students of intake 46 have already planted various plants like Kalanchoe pinnata, moss-rose purslane, chili, and celery. We will further develop this project and a future plan is to develop an urban garden at the Bali WISE campus, so the Bali WISE students are able to harvest their own grown vegetables, next to the kitchen where it’s being cooked. 

We are looking for a Permaculture Intern or Volunteer!

The ZeroWaste Center’s Permaculture Garden has been thriving since we started. Bali WISE students, the staff, and the English Class kids have been harvesting for some time already. To further develop the permaculture community garden, we are currently looking for a Permaculture Intern or Volunteer. Click here if you are interested!