The ZeroWaste Speech Contest for Bali WISE students intake 55 was held on Friday, December 8, 2023 and was joined by 15 participants. This event is a great momentum to speak out for the protection of the environment and our planet where we live. There are many ongoing problems related to environmental issues such as waste crisis, water pollution, air pollution, and other issues that will cause negative impacts on the environment and humans. Therefore, the ZeroWaste Speech Contest was held so that today’s young generation continues to campaign “save the earth” through interesting speeches. It is also expected to provide space for Bali WISE students in communication and public speaking skills in English.

The competition allows participants to raise any issue related to environmental concerns. A month earlier, the participants had been informed to prepare themselves for the English speech competition so that they had also prepared the speech theme in advance. They received short training on how to build a good and interesting speech structure in English. During the competition, all participants were expected to be able to deliver their speeches within 3 to 4 minutes by paying attention to correct speech techniques. Of course, this will be a challenge for each participant to conquer the short time to complete their speech.

After the speech, participants will get an evaluation from the judges who are competent in their fields. There are several things that are assessed in this competition, namely the structure of the speech, the diction used, confidence, body language, environmental messages conveyed, and the timeliness of the speech. The judges will give scores and also notes to the participants so that they can be used as constructive suggestions for the future. After the scores of all participants are entered into the system, the committee will accumulate the scores and determine the winner of this contest.

The participants showed their best skills in their speeches on environmental topics. There was tremendous progress from each participant in delivering material about the environment. ZeroWaste Speech Contest is the right platform to campaign for environmental protection so that more and more people understand the importance of protecting the environment. This event is certainly a place for participants to explore and hone their skills in public speaking and communication.