Bondalem Eco Village Project – Project length 2 years – Start Date 15th January 2018 to 1st January 2020. Role Foundation will be assisting directly with Gede Nurasadu the Desa President and his team of 6 CAN DO Bondalem Balinese Board members, each with their area of focus, with Project Instigator Matthew Ellks as mediator and on the ground Role Foundation, North Bali Representative. It has taken 5 years since Matthew Ellks and Steve Palmer had a Bali Clean and Green Meeting there. And it has taken 5 years for the Bondalem instigators Nyoman Adi Sancaya, Adha Madja, Wira Darma + 3 – Balinese Board to get in a man like Gede who deeply cares and wants a clean village with sustainable jobs and businesses in the drivers seat. Make Bondalem a clean and healthy place to live and have good jobs and business with areas to have sports and play. Of course including the beautiful Balinese Culture and Hindu Religion.
The 3 areas Role will be helping with is
……1. Zero Waste to Ocean/Liquid and Solid Waste.
……2. Sustainable Jobs and Business/ Eco Tourism mostly
……3. Beautification, Parkland, Footpath.
Role’s main task is Education with plenty of Awareness plus practical Assistance of these threes areas to the local community. Promotion could be part of the awareness. This a massive amount of work for Role to prepare on top of it other 12 programs and projects, with the kick of on the 15th January. Role will employ an Indonesia Marine Scientists and Educators. Ketut Karang our Role Foundation, Permaculturist is energized up and ready to go after 18 months of construction.
Bondalem is a beautiful village from the mountains to the sea. 3.5 Klm across the sea front and 7 Klm deep in the hills and mountain. 15,000 people make Bondalem their home. There are 10 Banjars who mainly take care of religious and cultural areas. Farming is mostly Coconuts, Mango, Cocoa, Teak Wood, Jambu Air, Mandarine, Banana, and more. Fishing is also an important to the local community. There are many Villas and Homestay. With Scuba Diving, Surfing(Just ask Matt, and so many water sports waiting to happen. Bondalem is an Eco Village development dream, but of course a LOT of work. Can we they pull it off? Not without your support? Stay tuned and lets get behind Bondalem and their courageous President and Team to meet this challenge. GO BONDALEM ……….YOU GOOD THING !!!