Island Sustainability Center is in the process of partnering with Reef Check Indonesia to investigate the creation of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) near Geger Beach, Nusa Dua. At present, the southern coast of Bali lacks any form of recognized MPA. With the majority of the island’s tourist infrastructure located in the south, the area’s coral reefs are under extreme pressure. The creation of a small community based MPA would provide a refuge for marine species, helping to protect the biodiversity of the area. ISC Foundation believes additional benefits from the creation of the MPA may include improved fisheries, increased tourism revenues, recreation, scientific research and education, as well as species and ecosystem protection.

A Nusa Dua MPA would allow different species the chance to freely reproduce and help to increase biotic and genetic diversity. Through the restriction of fish harvest, species would be given an opportunity to grow larger and reproduce more easily, resulting in a faster turn over of fish from inside the sanctuary to outside (spill-over effect) increasing yields for fishermen. ISC is currently working with to raise local support and awareness.


Purposed Marine Protected Area