Present: Karen, Brad, David, Paola, Ni Komang Widi, Mike.

There is already a River to River Cleaning Project run by Chris with Rotary Bali Canggu, which focuses on the daily clean up of the beach from Tugu to Echo Beach. This committee are interested in long term infrastructure and cleaning systems from the Canggu River Source to the Ocean.We want to work together with River to River Project and all others.

  • Work on the first 500 meters first. Oakley maybe interested to help build a solid waste trap across the river.
  • Collect Data on the demographics of the river and surrounds. How long? How many Banjars? How many people? Existing waste management systems? Education?
  • Meet once per month.
  • Role to place a Intern to organize.
  • Budget
  • Plan

Role Foundation do the long term project for Canggu Beach, Click Here for complete Information