The first phase of the Canggu River/ Echo Beach Clean Up Project has been completed. Volunteers cleaned up waste along the 4 main tributaries that lead into the lagoon near the beach. Volunteers saw many man-made piles of garbage along the banks of the tributaries, some of which had been burnt. A grid system was created and measured out so that trash can now be systematically cleaned up. Over a 12 day period, ISC, with the help of Oakley, Rotary Canggu, Gus Foundation and members of multiple Indonesian families, managed to clean up approximately 15 cubic meters of waste, a majority of it being plastics.

Water samples were taken at four different stream locations. These samples were given to the Udayana University for testing. Results showed high levels of fecal coliform bacteria, phenol, and oil and grease. From the high phenol levels we can infer that cooking oil and other greasy solutions are being released in or nearby the river. The BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) test results indicate that the water in both Canggu River and Canggu Sea is about 1/5 domestic sewage.

ISC is currently in the process of finding the proper netting or blockage device to prevent solid waste from flowing further downstream in Canggu River. ISC is assisting Rotary Canggu in making Canggu residents aware of the economic, environmental, and health dangers of releasing waste in or near the river. Ideally, ISC would like to implement community based initiatives that are self managed to improve the health of the river, and in turn the ocean. A proper sewage system needs to be created to curb the high levels of coliform bacteria in the river. More inspection, interviewing and water testing will be done to pinpoint other key sources of river pollution.