Kids Tour Eco Park

Role is hosting around 2000 kids a year at their interactive environmental, diet and exercise program at the Island Sustainability Education Center (ISEC) in Sawangan/Nusa Dua.

Children are the future owner of the environment. They get the most negative impact from the destruction of the environment, unbalanced nutrition and health condition through modern lifestyle.
The aim of the program is therefore to bring environmental & health awareness into children’s daily behavior and into their homes and the community through the children.

The basics for a healthy lifestyle are the practice of good waste management, composting the organic waste and growing vegetables from it.
In interactive and playful activities the children learn about waste management, how to plant seedlings or to recognize herbs on their smell.
The program includes information about what waste is, about the health dangers of burning plastic, and how to dispose waste properly. Following the theme “Healthy Food leads to a Healthy Future” the kids are being taught how to grow their own food in an organic and sustainable way and to not eat processed food all the time.
Playing fun games motivates the kids to do more exercise which is on a regular basis, important for a healthy life – “If you don’t use it you lose it”.
The teachers of the program are our Trainee Teachers and Students here at the Island Sustainability Center.

The about 2000 children that come through the park every year are from Public Primary and Secondary Schools, Orphanages, Special Schools and other foundation groups and between 5 and 16 years old.

ROLE would like to invite many more schools around the Bukit to bring their students to the ISEC.
Their vision is a sustainable future for Islands, Oceans and Coastal Communities through healthy environmental practices. The only way to achieve those goals is by starting with the youngest members of the community.