• Background

In Bali, an estimated 5000 tonnes of waste is illegally dumped each day in gullies, streams, rivers and estuaries. During the wet season, this liquid and solid waste is flushed to the ocean contaminating water supplies and smothering Bali’s marine environment. De-centralised government and corruption has hindered previous attempts at coordinated waste-management approach for the province of Bali, Indonesia. Without direct action, Bali’s waste problem could threaten the health of her ecosystems, marine biodiversity, social capital and economy, compounding pressures on the underemployed and poor.

  • Our ProjectsEco Surf Rescue

  1. Eco Surf Rescue (x4) – Balangan, Canggu, Keramas and Brawa

  2. National Surf Reserve, Nusa Dua

  3. Waste-to-Wonder, Ngis, Karangasem

  4. Waste-to-Wonder, Komala, Karangasem – MoU Pending

  5. Waste-to-Wonder, Penida, Nusa Penida – MoU Pending


Role’s Environmental Assistance projects aim to:

  • Assist communities through partnerships in constructing and implementing Waste Management Infrastructure and Systems, and Coastal Environmental Protection;
  • Alleviate poverty by creating markets for the poor in rural and coastal Balinesecommunities through sustainable Agri/Eco-Tourism and Organic Farming development; and
  • Support communities to develop Sustainable Infrastructure Planning approach for Rural Development. Beneficiaries include rural youth, local school children, farmers, residents, business-owners and tourists.

  • On-site at project location
  • Partnered with Reef & Ocean Foundations
  • Direct Community Assistance and Awareness-raising
  • Waste Management Infrastructure development and Education
  • Composting and Organic Farming Infrastructure development and Education
  • Coastal Reforestation
  • River catchment clean-up and water testing
  • Capacity-building support for development of profit-share Eco/Agri – Tourism
  • Town-planning support
  • Communities appreciate the need for holistic practical support systems
  • Communities creatively develop solutions to modern-day problems of resource allocation, sustainable agriculture and the provision of essential community services such as waste management and development planning
  • Waterways are clean of solid waste and tested for water quality
  • 80% reduction in burning of plastic waste in each community
  • 2 x projects handed over to local community management team in 2013
  • Expand Waste-to-Wonder model to 10 rural villages throughout Bali
  • Clean and Healthy Waterways and Marine Environment for coastal communities
  • Clean and Healthy Village and Farmland for rural communities
  • Markets for the poor through Eco-Tourism and Organic Produce/Products
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Planning approach to development for Rural and Coastal communities


  • In 2012 Role Foundation orchestrated and actively participated in over 20 clean-up events at beaches and rivers throughout the South of Bali

  • In 2012 Role Foundation successfully handed over Eco Surf Rescue Uluwatu project to the local community’s management team

  • In 2012, Role and Rotary Nusa Dua, Bali, successfully implemented and handed over to the local community of Sawangan, the first ever Waste Management System for the community