Eco Surf Rescue Canggu, one of ROLE’s Coastal Environmental Projects, celebrated World Water Day with Beach Clean Up, Tree-planting, Paddle Out Celebration and a sunset music session Fundraiser at Deus ex Machina in Canggu on March, 24th.

50 locals joined in to collect 40 reusable bags full of rubbish, sent for processing at Recycle Centre Eco-Bali . 10 Ketapang (Sea Almond) trees were planted for beach habitat restoration, reducing erosion caused by reef damage and providing oxygen and cool shade for Bali’s beach-goers.
The day concluded with a fundraising event at Deus ex Machina.  Eco Surf Rescue Canggu aims for clean beaches and waterways and a healthy environment in the Canggu-Brawa area. The organizers are very thankful to all the sponsors, supporters and volunteers to make this great event possible!


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