Beach Clean Up & Fundraising Event on Sunday 20-01-2013 for the board riders surf Club  Eco Surf Rescue Canggu-Brawa Project
Role Foundation is very pleased and grateful for the success of the event “Source to the Sea” recently. We want to thank all the sponsors, supporters and volunteers who participated on this water celebration day.
The team of Surf Time Magazine – lead by Matt George, Pro Surfers, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and Aleksandra Denic from Sea Sentosa, climbed to the top of the Batur Volcano. Their 3 hours hike took them to the source of the sea water and was a thankful ceremony for the blessing of having water that is distributed by rivers to the lakes and the oceans. It was a meditation to connect with the water as the source of life. Everybody shared their love for the sea and the waves.
Simultaneously there was a beach clean up at Echo Beach, Batubolong and Brawa. A team of 150 volunteers collected 60 bags full of rubbish from the 3 beaches. Most of that rubbish comes from the rivers, travels with the currents to the ocean and ends up in the coastline.
All the volunteers did an amazing job. Besides some individuals, most of them came from the Canggu Surf Community of Echo Beach, Batubolong and Board Riders Brawa Surf Club. Our sponsors such us Coca-Cola, Surftime and Sea Sentosa showed their environmental responsibility and gave a great example of how to help the local community and how to be environmentally conscious.
Their engagement proved the importance of keeping the beach clean and that a healthy environment benefits the waterways, the marine ecosystem, the beach, the community, the visitors, and whole Bali – the Island of Gods.
All participants of the volcano hike as well as the beach clean up came together at Deus Ex Machina in Canggu for a sunset session with with live music by Made J for a good cause.
ROLE Foundation received donations from the participants and guests and from Sea Sentosa to keep the beach clean and to support the Eco Surf Rescue Project, Canggu/Brawa.
This Day would have not been possible without all the great sponsors and supporters who helped during the “Source to The Sea” event.
A big thanks to all who helped to play a R.O.L.E.
Kind Regards,
ROLE Foundation Team & the Oceanographer Yenifer Canelon

team in actionBrawa clean Upboard riders surf Club in action cca-logoseasentosaimagedeus-1