Weaving FuturesROLE is pleased to announce that the DAP funding for the women’s weaving cooperative “Weaving Futures” has been approved.
As part of the Community Social Business program this Sustainable Product Development project will help local women to develop alternative income opportunities to support themselves and their families. The programs revolves around environmental friendly organic and natural cottons and dyes.

Disadvantaged women over 30 years old, even after 6 months of skills education at Bali Wise, find it more difficult to gain satisfactory employment. They face limited employment opportunities compared to younger women. So as part of Bali Wise’s/Roles Community Social Business Development, a women’s weaving business has been set up. This grant will greatly increase the number of machines, equipment and training where local women can learn the techniques of traditional weaving and natural dying.. It will help the women to create income streams for themselves, their family and the community. It will also help prevent the loss of traditional weaving and dying techniques.

“This grant has created a great opportunity for us to help set up this social business and over time turn it into a community based cooperative. We are hoping that the women involved over time are going to be able to sustain themselves through the sales of their products.The women will also be taught best business practices. They will be involved in all the decision making about purchasing materials and selling the products as well asll receive training from experienced artisans in the renowned weaving district of Gianyar.