Canggu beach

The Eco Surf Rescue Canggu River project has now reached the conclusion of its first month! Our project manager Yenifer Canelon is in the process of researching the situation of the Canggu and Brawa Rivers through talking and making an alliance between R.O.L.E. Foundation and the local communities such as banjars, national and ex-pat families/businesses, warungs and others around the area.

At the moment she is focussing on creating a power point presentation of R.O.L.E. Foundation and the Island Sustainability Education Centre programs, for further meetings with potential donors who are interested in sponsoring the project.
The main goal is to clean up the rivers and waterways of Canggu and Brawa. 
Involving the community and banjars to participate and assist in the implementation of this project, it also aims to create an environmental education program for local schools. It will directly benefit and improve their quality of life of the residents in that area. The great result would be for R.O.L.E. to copy the model of the Island Sustainability Eduaction Centre in Sawangan and create a sustainable area for management of the disposal of the solid waste in this area, creating new jobs for the locals and solving a big problem with the rubbish in Canggu. R.O.L.E. would like to start the project in January 2013.