• Background

Established in October 2012, the Environmental-Ambassador Education Program equips individuals with the basic skills and education to champion improvements in town planning, waste management, sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism in their local village. Community Development programs initiated by individuals in the local community have higher levels of success and long-term sustainability than other externally imposed models. Students who pass through the program are taught recycling, composting, permaculture, English language and Eco/Agri-Tourism. The final course teaches community education, and cooperative and micro-enterprise development to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to transform their own local communities through sustainable practice and eco-friendly business either independently or supported through Role’s Environmental Assistance Project, ‘Waste-to-Wonder’.

The Environmental Ambassador program is a full-time Sustainability Education course free to Balinese students aged 15-50. The full program is taught in 3 x 14-week courses. Students from remote and rural areas are provided free accommodation and meals on-site.

The program employs 5 primary principles: Reduce, RE-use, Recycle, Rethink, Redesign to teach creative solutions to sustainable agriculture, waste management, and development planning for sustainable lifestyles and community development.

  • Course Curriculum

It is provided by IDEP Foundation ‘Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles’. IDEP Foundation ( is a reputable Indonesian NGO based in Bali – Indonesia, founded in 1999, that develops and delivers training, community programs and media related to sustainable development through Permaculture, and Community-based Disaster Management. Assisting with the development of curriculum and teaching methodology is Australian Sports and Outdoor Education teacher Amy Dewhurst.

Our Teaching Team includes Pak Wayan Mangku Mawan and Teacher-in-training Pak Gusti Ketut. Pak Wayan Mangku Mawan, a Hindu Priest and ex-seaweed farmer, trained for 9 months under Spanish Permaculturalist Estela Rodgriguez. Estela studied and practiced permaculture for two years in New Zealand before coming to Bali in 2012 to apply her knowledge in the tropical context and supporting Role Foundation to develop the Environmental Ambassador Education Program.

Graduate students of the program include Pak Wayan Mangku Mawan (current Teacher), Ibu Made Osiani (Role Social Business Program Officer), and I Komang Tri Suputra and I Nengah Sudartana, two youth from Karangasem. Komang and Nengah have since returned to their village, Ngis, and are currently working to establishing a ‘Waste-to-Wonder’ project for their community. Role Foundation is working to secure key sponsors for the project.



DURATION (weeks)


Introduction to Permaculture and Sustainability



Town and Farmland Planning: Technology, Design and Waste Management



Community Education, Cooperatives and Enterprise Development




  • Full-time 3,6,9 months
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Curriculum Provided by IDEP Foundation ‘Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles’
  • Supplemented with English Language, Computer Skills and Eco-Tourism Education
  • Theory supported by practical application at the 1.5ha Island Sustainability Education Centre (ISEC)
  • Students appreciate the need for holistic practical support systems
  • Students creatively develop solutions to modern-day problems of resource allocation, sustainable agriculture and the provision of essential community services
  • Students learn about the need for support through helping their own communities to develop sustainable practices and services


  • Increase from 4 graduates in 2012, to
  • 35 Graduates in 2013
  • 100 Graduates in 2014
  • 150 Graduates in 2015
  • Infrastructure development planning approach for rural and coastal communities
  • Eco-Tourism cooperatives and organic farming enterprises
  • Clean and healthy living environment, for lands, rivers, oceans and marine

wayanMy name is Wayan.  I am one of the students of the Environmental Ambassador Training Program at Role Foundation which teaches the skills and knowledge of the principles and practicals of permaculture, waste management and how to take care our mother earth. My experience in the course was unforgettable. Thank you for the kindness of ROLE Foundation. I really need your supports and guidance, in the hope I can spread and use the knowledge and skills for the people in my village.” (March 2013)

I Wayan Tusan, 29yrs, Komala, Karangasem, BALI

  eco ambassadorsI Komang Tri Suputra and I Nengah Sudartana are young men from Ngis Village, Manggis, Karangasem. Since graduating the Environmental Ambassador program Komang and Nengah have returned to Ngis and are currently working to establishing a ‘Waste-to-Wonder’ project for their community. Role Foundation is working to find key sponsors for the project.      “My name is Made Muliya and I am 24 years old. I am from Munduk Lumbang Village, Baturiti Tabanan. I started to be an Eco-Ambassador at ROLE Foundation since July 2nd 2013. I received the information about ROLE from my friend. I have been here one month, and I have experienced so much! I have learned about forestation, permaculture, English language, and how to make compost from organic rubbish. Here, I am also learning about gardening techniques with permaculture principles, how to design, how to plant and benefit the environment. From Tuesday to Thursday, we have kids’ tour from Elementary school. I myself and other staff guide them and explain about all plants and their functions. I enjoy teaching the kids what I have learned. I also learn about garbage and I know that the plastics rubbish is very dangerous for the environment. Here we learn about reducing, recycling, and reusing materials.  After graduating from the Environmental Ambassador program, I will come to my village and grow some plants in my own garden. Hopefully, many people and organisations take care of Bali and our future generations. Starting from now, we must try to reduce of using plastics, so that we can create a clean of Bali.”

The new curriculum of the 1. semester of the Eco-Ambassador Program is online. Everybody is welcome to take part of it!

eco-ambassador program smester 1