On December 2022, ZeroWaste Center received four elementary schools, which were SD 1 Benoa, SD 2 Tanjung Benoa, SD 5 Benoa, and SD 7 Benoa, to have and experience some ecological and valuable activities during our program called Kids Environmental Classroom. The program offers a partnership with the elementary schools to send some students and teachers to visit and have an environmental tour at our center in order to raise their awareness related to environmental matters and at the same time, they have an opportunity to learn ecological knowledge regarding waste management, permaculture, and waste recycling. Furthermore, we provide a cozy bus to pick up and drop off students from their schools to the center and back to the schools. 

Interactive Tour at ZeroWaste Center 

The tour began with the explanation of what R.O.L.E Foundation is and how our programs help more people to be aware of the environmental issues. We brought them to see how to implement natural dyeing into a sheet of cloth and create their authentic pattern on their cloth. The soap recycling station opened their eyes to understand how bad soap waste impacts the environment and they had a chance to experience how to make recycled soap at the station. Moving to the next station was Paper Recycling Station where students felt so excited to learn about  how to make recycled paper and figure out how to save forests by using paper wisely and recycling the papers as much as possible. 

Workshop Station made students realize that everything at the center needs to be researched first to look at the positive and negative impacts of waste recycling. We brought them to see the Waste Station where we collect the waste from local people and the Beach Cleanup program. They became more active to ask some questions related to waste management and how to apply it to daily life so that they could play a role to control their own waste at homes. Composting is also an applicable method to deal with organic waste that could give benefits to the plants around homes. Move to Seedling Station, students learned how to make a seedball and recognize the efficiency of making seed balls for reforestation. Then they had the opportunity to see and find out how to implement permaculture at home.

Reforestation became the topic that the students should know. At the center, we teach students about the importance of forest and how we save the forest from devastating activities that harm the forest and lead to deforestation. Students also got knowledge related to Climate Change and how it has a bad impact on the environment and human beings. They learned an interesting subject regarding Marine Life and how important it is to keep life under the ocean by not throwing away garbage into the ocean or the river. They brought so much useful information about the environment and hopefully they would spread the information, then slowly apply the knowledge into their daily lives. At the end of the tour, they had a chance to drink our product called Local Jamu and they were served refreshments as well.