Eco Surf Rescue Nusa Dua, Beach Clean Up

To celebrate Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day, R.O.L.E. Foundation held a beach clean up at Geger Temple and Beach area. This annual clean up also part of Eco Surf Rescue, Bali with mission to prevent land based waste entering into the ocean and empowering local community.

With 100 volunteers from schools, hotels and communities, we successfully collecting 202 Kgs of non -rganic waste from 3 areas; temple, parking lot and beach for about one and a half hour. Beside of that we also did water quality testing, trees planting around the temple and installing 2 waste bins sponsored by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia. The collected waste were weighed and trasnported to our Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment & Skills Center for further separation and analysis. We thank you for all participants and sponsors, especially Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics that made this clean up possible.

Waste Separation

The waste collected at R.O.L.E. Foundation facility were separated by our students. Most of the waste is not recyclable because of contamination from other elements or organic waste. The highest amount of waste is plastic, which is 45.67% including hard plastic like PET, PP and soft plastics LDPE and also ropes from fishing activities. Glass is the second highest of waste in the area mainly from beers and other beverages.
This finding is not surprising since Geger Beach is famous for family recreation with food sellers selling everything in single use plastics and no waste management system existed in the area. The plastic waste that we found mostly is from soft plastics (48.4 Kg) from snack packaging, plastic wrap and plastic bags. Most of the waste that is collected by the local sellers will be burn on site. That is why we are creating Eco Surf Rescue program to help keep the beach and environment in Bali healthy, clean, and green.