R.O.L.E. Foundation introduces a new name for its eco park ‘Zero Waste to Oceans – Environment and Skills Center’. From now on, it will be called ZeroWaste Center.

The ZeroWaste Center functions as a hub where people come to learn, share, discuss, and practice around environmental topics like waste separation, re- and up-cycling of plastic, glass and paper, composting, permaculture, traditional weaving with naturally dyed yarn.


ZeroWaste Training
The purpose of the ZeroWaste Training is to educate people on how to do efficient waste separation, so that each type of waste gains value as either recycled or upcycled material. The program offers several modules from climate change, health and safety, waste streams, to permaculture.
If you run a hotel, restaurant, or business, you can send your waste management staff for training.
Or you can Play a ROLE by sponsoring a local community member. Contact us for more information: program@rolefoundation.org or +62 896-8569-4469

Recent ZeroWaste Trainings
R.O.L.E. Foundation provided two ZeroWaste Training sessions in the Bondalem Waste Site in August and recently in November. Last week, BaliSwim received ZeroWaste Training and also got suggestions about tailormade solutions for their specific waste bin system. And last, the R.O.L.E. Foundation staff got training on waste separation and the new recycling machines were demonstrated.

Kids Environmental Classroom
The public-school environmental program is now called Kids Environmental Classroom and helps children to develop long-term thinking about their environmental impact in their communities. As public schools in Bali are still closed due to the pandemic, this program is temporarily postponed.

However, as the school kids around Sawangan told us they really missed the learning together, the English class is now open again for a small group of 10 children who learn English and about the environment twice a week.

Your donation will allow 15-20 school kids to join the environmental classroom as soon as the schools open again. Contact us for more information: program@rolefoundation.org or +62 896-8569-4469

We will continue!
Yes, the pandemic also has had its effects on R.O.L.E. Foundation’s programs. But R.O.L.E. Foundation has adapted to the current situation and can’t wait to fully restart once Bali opens up again. We will keep you updated!