Partner up for a Healthy Environment…..between Role Foundation and the Coca Cola, ISC Tour. Making the ISC Tour the greenest surf tour on the planet.

Role Foundation has partnered up with Coca Cola and ISC Tour to make the ISC Tour the greenest surf tour on the planet. By…..

1. Planting beach shade trees, and/or mangroves, and/or erosion control plants.

2. Educate locals on a clean coastal environment

3. Give a local an Award for the most contributed to keeping a clean coastal

Environmental Education and some nice hard to get presents…..

ROLE and ISC’s visit to the local village was hampered somewhat by the unfortunate
death of one of the village residents and thus the village was in mourning and attending
a funeral, but we met with the headmaster of the school and made donations.

Educational pamphlets especially drafted for the village by the ROLE foundation about
the importance of Mangroves to the stability of the coast line and their importance
to the fish populations were given to the school along with books by GUS, t-shirts from
Rip Curl, a brand new soccer ball from ROLE, and 4 complete and ready to ride surfboards.

Tree Planting…..It was decided that Mangrove planting was the best plan of action for
this particular break.

Mangrove seeds were collected and then planted in areas of the lagoon previously
damaged by the tsunami. Two approaches were used: 1) Bamboo sections were driven
into the ground and the seed was planted inside so as to protect the young trees from
wave action, the bamboo will later rot away as the tree grows. 2) Mangrove seeds were
planted directly into the ground in areas with less wave action.

Roughly 75 mangrove seeds were planted in two 5m x 2m plots just inland of
the Macaronis observation tower.  Over a two day period, about 12 surfers participated
in the planting, including Lee Wilson the contest winner, and Tipi Jabrick,
president of the ISC.

In general the Environmental situation is no bad. The area is full of natural beauty
and the reefs are in fair condition. Waste management is starting to become a problem
with ever increasing imports from the mainland with it’s packaging etc., and increased
population with development.

Eventually an Waste Management System will be needed to be put in place.
Great waves, great people.

Curtis Lowe B.S. Biology.
Eco Surf Dude – Role Foundation

To Tipi, Lorca, Tim and all the guys at ISC, Bruce and the Coke Team, Jeff and James
and the Rip Curl Team, the surfers and that Eco Surf Dude, Curtis………a big thanks from Mother Earth and the Sea Goddess. This project is starting take root.

A Sustainable Future for Island Communities.

Mike O’Leary
Role Foundation