Keramas “Source to Sea” Pilot Project.

A partnership between Oakley and ROLE to provide a sustainable, long term solution to the pollution problems to restore and preserve the treasured surfing location.

Kicked off during the Oakley World Pro Junior Contest in early October, the contest was geared towards minimal environmental impact and the simple goal of leaving the beach cleaner than before the contest. Recycling stations, beach cleanups, composting toilets by GUS and even natural compostable food packaging were part of the event.

Project Initiatives Completed During the Contest

  • Initial as well as final beach and site clean-ups were completed at both Canggu and Keramas.
  • Three recycling stations consisting of bins for “Organic”, “Paper”:, and “Metal, Plastic and Glass” were present at both contest locations.
  • All rubbish was collected by ecoBali, over 700 kilo’s rubbish for composting, recycling and responsible dumping at the legal government landfill.
  • Assessment of the river mouth and banks for the instillation of a rubbish collection device, began during the contest.

Long Term Initiatives

  • Waster source mapping and info; to determine optimal sites for water sampling to be tested by the Sanglah Environmental Health Laboratory
  • Use a combination of water sampling results and population and governance info to focus our education efforts.
  • Education seminars by Pak Ketut, a passionate Balinese conservationist, from the ecoBali company.
  • Consultation from other NGO as well as local Businesses: Reef Check Indonesia, Conservation International, GUS, ecoBali and Komune.
  • Create a community rubbish collection and recycling system and sense of community pride.