Project Completion: A Partnership between R.O.L.E. Foundation and Rotary Club of Bali, Canggu. 

Kerobokan Jail

Six months introduction to permaculture for some of the Bali 9 and other Kerobokan Jail inmates, including basic gardening, organic farming, waste management, agriculture, accounting and construction.

The project gave the opportunity to seven inmates in Kerobokan Jail to become trainers of new skills and job creators for inmates leaving the correction facilities. They could start a productive, healthy life on completion of their prison time. Farming, gardening, plant nursery and many forms of agriculture are some of the few jobs open to inmates who have finished their time. Also the project’s aim was to promote a self-sufficient lifestyle and provide a new prospective or outlook on life.

R.O.L.E. Foundation would like to thank Patricia Jamieson and Haaris Chua of Rotary Club of Bali, Canggu for their unwavering support throughout this very difficult and trying project and in helping bring this project to a successful completion. Recognition of Biatriz Mesquita as start up Project Manager.

Permaculture Kerobokan Jail


Kerobokan Jail Permaculture