Kids are the future protectors of our precious mother Earth. ROLE Foundation Island Sustainability Centre believes that awareness, assistance and education provides a long term solution to many of the environmental problems of today.   Bali is gradually beginning to embrace sustainable practises, although many people still remain in their set ways.  This change in attitudes must start from the roots up!
 The Kids Interactive Environment, Diet & Exercise Program at the Island Sustainability Education Centre in Nusa Dua, aims to teach children regarding the importance of sustainability and environmental care. Each week around 60-70 students from local Balinese schools visit the centre on an interactive tour and participate in a range of exciting, educational activities including planting seedlings, solid waste separation games, ‘jamu’ tasting, health & exercise activities, diet & nutrition class, and the kids enjoy an organic meal and drink at the scenic warung. The kids learn about waste management, recycling, composting, gardening, permaculture, reforestation, and much more!