A lot of tourism businesses are switching their mindset towards a more sustainable approach in one way or another. The approach can vary, but all of them are working towards the same goal: care more about the environment. 

As part of their sustainability program, Conrad Bali visited the ZeroWaste Center to learn more about Local Jamu. And they are now serving our healthy organic jamu to their guests during breakfast.

Why Local Jamu?

Local Jamu was born through intensive field research and countless recipe trials in order to get the perfect balance between health and taste. Conrad Bali agrees that Local Jamu is one of the most delicious and easiest jamu to drink. 

Part of the Local Jamu philosophy is to provide healthy drinks for everyone, and that is why we made our Local Jamu easily accessible to everyone. It can be enjoyed by a hardcore jamu drinker, but also by those who are not used to drinking jamu at all. Nowadays, a lot of jamu drinks on the market are considered too strong in taste or have very little taste. Local Jamu strives to be in the middle, to enable all people to enjoy it daily and be healthy and energetic. 

This is one of the main reasons why Conrad Bali was interested in Local Jamu. And by purchasing Local Jamu, Conrad Bali is contributing to the livelihood of local women who make the jamu, the traditional farmers growing the ingredients, and the sellers on the traditional market. We celebrate Conrad Bali’s decision to support sustainable business, providing jobs, health, and preserving the environment at the same time!