Nature is full of many resources that can be used in day-to-day activities. But regrettably, the majority of human activities actually lead to a variety of issues that disturb the natural order of the environment. Beginning with routine food consumption activities and ending with industrial operations that contribute to a variety of environmental degradation. Planting trees is one approach to preserve nature.

Plant A Tree

Because they create the oxygen that people need to breathe, trees are vital to human existence. Without it, there won’t be any oxygen, preventing people from breathing and ultimately causing them to pass away. Photosynthesis is a process used by trees to create oxygen. For people, animals, and the entire planet, trees have a significant meaning in life. Imagine the world without adjacent trees, or simply what would happen if there were no trees at all in the area surrounding our home. The house undoubtedly cannot guarantee comfort, a lack of fresh air, cool shade, or aesthetic beauty. The entire earth is similar in this regard.

Trees can be planted in a variety of methods. One way to limit the amount of plastic bottle waste, which is notoriously difficult to disintegrate, is to use mineral water drink bottles as planters for trees. In order to facilitate photosynthesis, the installation must also be in a location with easy access to sunlight. Use artificial fertilizers made from processed leftover veggies as fertilizer in place of natural fertilizers to make vegetable waste more beneficial and prevent rotting smells from polluting the environment. Regular watering is also necessary to ensure that the newly planted tree or plant receives enough water to grow. Of course, each of these procedures must be meticulously and frequently carried out in order for the newly planted trees to grow and develop appropriately and serve future generations of humans.

Tree Function

Trees not only provide oxygen but also help to avert natural catastrophes like floods, landslides, and tsunamis. This is due to the fact that tree roots serve as water collecting places, and their sturdy roots can hold back dirt to prevent landslides and even survive coastal erosion to prevent tsunamis. Of course, if there are few trees and they are modest in size, this cannot be done. The wood can also be used to create homes and furniture to fulfill basic human requirements. Additionally, there are many uses for the other tree components, like crafting, manufacturing paper, earning money, and many other uses for them.

Starting with the ecosystem itself is where the drive to plant trees must begin. In order for trees to continue to grow on earth, it must be done in a genuine and reforestation-minded manner because it is obviously not an easy task.