As eager as ever, the children of Sawangan are back at ZeroWaste Center to learn about English and also the environment. This week’s study topic is “Part of My Body” for elementary students. Six children from elementary grades one, two, and three, joined Mr. Wahyu’s class last week and they were ready to learn something new.

Identifying Body Parts

Body parts are something that we rarely think about in English since we have memorized them countless times. But, it proves to be quite a challenge for the children. Mr. Wahyu explained the body parts in a fun and interesting way to make it easier to memorize for the children. By using music such as “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” the children can understand 4 body parts swiftly.

Using music in the classroom is a great way to help memorize educational material. With the recent success, Mr. Wahyu is considering changing more music lyrics into educational lyrics that can help younger children to understand the material better and help with their memorization.

Don’t Forget About the Passion Fruit!

10 minutes before the class ended, Mr. Wahyu took all six children to hunt for ripe passion fruit in the ZeroWaste Center permaculture garden. The children were eager to pick their own passion fruits, as this kind of fruit is rare for them at home. 

Nowadays, humans interact with nature less and less. As cities are being built, forests become more scarce. There is even a saying that goes like this: “The higher the building, the smaller the trees get.”. 

ZeroWaste Center is happy to provide local communities alike with the chance to embrace nature at the center in a hope to share the knowledge and help them build their own permaculture garden.