R.O.L.E. Foundation needs a new minibus to bring public-school children to the ZeroWaste Center and to transport the Bali WISE students to off-site learning locations.

The cost is $ 21.396, we need your help!

We are currently using a 10-year old minibus that after daily use is becoming a safety hazard. This minibus needs monthly repairs now and the future cost for repairments aren’t cost-efficient anymore. It’s time to replace this old minibus.

Why does R.O.L.E. Foundation need this minibus? 

R.O.L.E. Foundation weekly brings 15-20 public school children from South Kuta in Bali, aged 9-15, to the ZeroWaste Center, where they learn English and how they can make a positive environmental impact. 

Because there is no environmental education in most Indonesian schools. The future of a healthy environment depends on the next generation.

The minibus is also used to transport 15-20 Indonesian female students, aged 17-24 from the Bali WISE hospitality skills center to off-site learning locations and partner training sites. 

Because disadvantaged young Indonesian women need skills education to break the poverty cycle and develop sustainable communities.

And last, we use the minibus for the monthly beach cleanups to raise awareness not only about the effects of mistreating waste, but also about proper waste management.