This blog post chronicles a year of dedication by ZeroWaste Center by R.O.L.E. Foundation in restoring and protecting coral reefs in Nusa Dua, Bali. Our journey began in November 2023 with a collaborative effort alongside the PELITA Project, a community initiative led by Bali WISE alumni, Bali Blue Harmony, interns, and volunteers.

Planting Hope: The Initial Restoration

On November 21st, 2023, a team comprised of Bali WISE alumni, R.O.L.E. staff, and Bali Blue Harmony specialists embarked on a mission to plant 150 coral fragments onto 10 Reef Star structures. Following a comprehensive briefing on coral restoration techniques, the team meticulously attached the coral fragments, ensuring minimal stress on these delicate organisms. This collaborative effort marked the establishment of a new coral garden, fostering hope for the future of the marine ecosystem.

Diligent Maintenance: Ensuring Coral Survival

The following day, a team from the ZeroWaste Center conducted a thorough inspection to guarantee the proper placement of all coral fragments. This meticulous approach ensured optimal conditions for coral growth. Over the next month, the Foundation’s interns and marine educators diligently maintained the coral garden. Weekly cleaning sessions removed algae buildup and checked for loose fragments or plastic debris. erfreulich (German) – pleasing, delightful This dedication resulted in an impressive survival rate, with only one Acropora coral failing to adapt to its new environment.

Strategic Relocation: Expanding the Coral Cluster

In January 2024, a joint team from the ZeroWaste Center and Bali Blue Harmony relocated the initial 10 Reef Stars to a designated “R.O.L.E. Cluster” within the coral garden. This strategic move aimed at consolidating restoration efforts and creating a more concentrated area for coral growth. The relocation process involved careful planning and execution, ensuring the safe transport and secure positioning of the Reef Stars within the new cluster.

A Testament to Collaboration

This year-long endeavor exemplifies the power of collaboration in environmental conservation. The combined efforts of ZeroWaste Center, Bali WISE alumni, Bali Blue Harmony, and dedicated volunteers have laid the groundwork for a thriving coral reef ecosystem. While challenges like algae growth remain, the project’s success serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring continued action towards a healthier ocean.

Looking Ahead: Continued Commitment

The R.O.L.E. Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to coral reef restoration. We are actively seeking new partnerships and volunteers to expand our efforts and create a lasting positive impact on Bali’s marine environment. We encourage you to join us in safeguarding these vital underwater ecosystems for generations to come.