Role visited Bondalem Village 25 minutes east of Singaraja. Mr Candra, Role’s Project manager and Healthy Environment Educator, and Ms Mischa our Dutch Intern and Mike O’Leary, CEO/Founder of Role foundation met with Mr Madja, Bondalem Village Healthy Environment Representative.

Meeting points…….

  1. Zero waste to Ocean – Need to make up a Timeline. better for it to take longer that to do bits and pieces and it all falls over. Cleaning up the waste management Site needs to be done just before the Waste Bins are placed and the 100% Collection process starts. Plan to be made. Role will propose a waste management clean up and system timeline and areas of consideration.
  2. Eco Tourism/Sustainable Business – A list of all present Business and types of Farming, needs to be put together. It is better to help existing business, than start up new competing business. Location to be mapped.
  3. Parkland, Sporting Area, Public Open Beach Areas, and Government area needs to be mapped.

Tour of the location site of the new to be constructed Community Skills Eco Center.

Tour of the Bondalem Waste Management site.

Tour of the Fishing Boat and Processing Beach Area

Tour of Farming Area

Tour of Parks Sports Facilities.

Role will now propose options and agree with Bondalem on each step, in each process, and we will prepare education materials.

Candra to go to Bondalem every month, to keep up Role’s Education, Assistance, Presence and Engagement.

Some facts about Bondalem Village

Bondalem Village is located in northern part of Bali Island at 0-500 meter high above from sea surface. Bondalem Village is on part of Kecamatan Tejakula, Buleleng and it’s coordinates are 8.07° S – 8.12° S and 115.05° E -115.07 E, Bondalem Village is a coastal community village.

The area for Bondalem Village is 669 Ha, which are 62.3 Ha used for settlement, 405.269 Ha used for moor, 176.25 Ha used for plantation, 9 Ha used for public building, 0.651 Ha used for cemetery, 2 Ha used for land cultural village and 13.53 Ha used for other things.

Bondalem’s people are mostly farmers at 80%, fishermen and then traders. 2% work for Bondalem Village government.

Farming includes cocoa, banana, coconut, mango.

People on Bondalem Village have a handicraft from glass and paper waste. They made a big jars or ewer from mixture of gypsum and paper and decorated by glass.

The village has beautiful scenery from the top of the hill with plantation surrounding it.