Last Friday January 22nd, R.O.L.E. Foundation attended the Bgreener networking event.

Several people from different backgrounds joined both at the event location, Fairfield by Marriott Sunset Road in Kuta, as online through a big screen. It was a day to reconnect and meet again. The attendees shared their personal or business needs, challenges and successes, so they could learn from others.

Discussed topics were how to improve waste management, sustainable building, urban permaculture gardening and much more. Most important take-out: let’s keep sharing all the efforts that are already being made towards a greener and cleaner Bali. The more we talk about it; the more people will pick up on it.

Bgreener, thanks again for the generous donation you gave to R.O.L.E. Foundation!

BGreener is the invisible hand that propels tourism businesses in solving social and environmental management challenges in their communities. Together, owners and managers learn how to find practical and viable solutions to daily problems (i.e. to do with waste, energy, food-sourcing, staff training, customer relationship).