Do you know that Nusa Dua has one more hidden gem that contributes significantly to the ocean’s survival? Apart from the ongoing construction projects, Nusa Dua is home to a beautiful coral reef garden, just a few hundred meters away from the five-star hotel beach area.

In January 2023, R.O.L.E. Foundation met with Pariama Hutasoit, the Director of Biodiversitas Pesisir dan Laut (formerly known as Nusa Dua Reef Foundation), to explore the beauty of Nusa Dua Coral Reef Garden. However, the garden is under threat due to various issues such as coral mining, bleaching, pest, and erosion. To tackle this, R.O.L.E. Foundation and Biodiversitas Pesisir dan Laut have joined hands to restore the Nusa Dua coral reefs garden to its former glory.


Our mission is to plant 600 corals by the end of 2023, and with the support from Mike Kirkham, Sao, Eva Sophia, Maddison, and Ty, we managed to kickstart the restoration process by planting 150 corals in February 2023. Weekly maintenance is underway to ensure the corals grow to their full potential, and will eventually attracts more fish.

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You can also be part of our amazing journey by adopting corals or reef stars. Help us in our mission to restore Nusa Dua coral reefs to their former glory. Contact to learn more.