On October 4th, the R.O.L.E. Foundation, in collaboration with Bali Blue Harmony, continued its dedicated efforts to restore coral reef cover at Nusa Dua. This initiative involved a team of 11 R.O.L.E. Foundation staff members, 2 R.O.L.E. Foundation interns, 4 Hyatt Hotel staff, 5 Bali Blue Harmony team members, and 1 local fisherman. The primary goal of the day was to plant additional coral fragments to aid in the recovery of the coral reefs.

To facilitate this coral restoration, the team utilized a unique structure known as the Reef Star. The Reef Star is constructed with several iron bars coated with sand, and each of these structures was designed to host 15 coral fragments. The hope is that these coral fragments will grow into larger coral colonies over time.

The day commenced at 6 am with an opening address delivered by the Environmental & Marine Educator of the R.O.L.E. Foundation and the Chairwoman of Bali Blue Harmony, Bu Pariama. Following the opening remarks, a briefing outlining the day’s agenda was provided. The agenda included activities such as tying coral fragments, installing the Reef Stars, and enjoying some fun snorkeling.

In addition to these activities, participants received explanations and tutorials on how to properly tie the coral fragments to the Reef Stars. The process of tying coral fragments was met with excitement from all participants, who were actively involved in the activity. To add a personal touch, each participant was given a dried lontar leaf to write their name on, and these leaves were then tied to the Reef Stars.

The team collectively spent approximately 30 minutes tying various types of coral fragments to the Reef Stars. Once the tying was complete, the Bali Blue Harmony team took charge of the installation process, ensuring that the Reef Stars were properly positioned in the coral restoration area. Following this productive session, the participants enjoyed exploring the coral garden through snorkeling, further connecting with the underwater world they were striving to protect.

The event came to a successful conclusion at 8:30 am, with a total of 105 coral fragments successfully planted. This collaborative effort between the R.O.L.E. Foundation, Bali Blue Harmony, and the local community represents a significant step towards the recovery of the coral reef ecosystem at Nusa Dua because we realize the importance of a stable ecosystem to the resilience of the fisheries community and tourism around the coral reef. The dedication and enthusiasm of all participants highlight the importance of collective action in preserving and rehabilitating our precious coral reefs.