Will our children inherit a world of grey skies, brown oceans full of junk with no marine life, and lands with no trees or wildlife? Not if our Eco Kids Program has anything to do with it!

R.O.L.E. Foundation​ kicks off it’s Eco Kids Program for 2015 on March 4th, 2015.

School Awareness Visit by R.O.L.E. Foundation, Sanur Independent School, 9am to 10am.


Mr Jared from the Sanur Independent School (SIS) called R.O.L.E. in to give an interactive presentation on the current situation of the waste in Bali and Indonesia, R.O.L.E.’s role, and what the students could do to play their part. There were approximately 80 Grade 5 students plus the senior grades. The SIS School is in a very clean condition with waste management systems in place. The children are well trained at home and at school about waste separation and safe disposal. Big thanks to the parents and the SIS teachers under principal Mr Mark Star.


A star was born with R.O.L.E. Foundation’s Intern, Tim Aeberli, being a natural presenter.

40 students from a private school in Bogor, West Java took part in the Interactive Environmental Education Tour of R.O.L.E.’s Eco Park, 2pm to 3pm.


Additionally, the Grade 8 students of the Junior & Senior High School Sekolah Bogor Raya, West Java visited R.O.L.E.’s Eco Park as part of their school trip to Bali. The 40 students learned about the importance of recycling, discovered the many plants and herbs in the Eco Park, and tasted fresh Jamu juice. The tour helped the students to complete their biology class assignments. Afterwards, students enjoyed the scenic views and fresh fruit at the top of the Eco Park.