To learn more about sustainability and the environment, SD 6 Benoa and SD 1 Tanjung Benoa visited the ZeroWaste Center on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. There were two assistant teachers and 23 pupils who participated. It took 3 hours to show the entire station, from the natural dye station to the jamu station. 

SD Negeri 6 Benoa 

SD Negeri 6 Benoa is located in Tanjung Benoa Village, Nusa Dua. After Covid-19, this is the first time they had visited the ZeroWaste Center. They will return the following week on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, to observe how we create our jamu product. 

Learning by Doing in Kids Environment Program

We need to put our theoretical knowledge into practice in order to understand more about the environment and sustainability. We conduct the interactive tour so that children may experience recycling paper, recycling soap, making seed balls, etc. firsthand while learning about the environment. The children were invited to explore the facility for three hours to learn what we are doing to preserve the environment.  Do you want to join this program? contact Mr. Wahyu (081936023725)