On Thursday, 6 February 2020, 25 students of SDN 1 Tanjung Benoa between the ages of 10-11 years old had a half-day training of “Waste to Wonder” at our Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment and Skills Center. This made us trained 8378 public school students in total.

The weather was quite cloudy at first when they introduced themselves and told us the environmental lesson they had in school. But as the training went by, the sun showed itself for us. The students were really curious about what is happening in our forest and ocean. They found out that humans contribute a lot to many damages that happen to our environment.

One of the problems that have been done by humans to the environment is waste. The students learned that waste can be categorized into organic and non-organic, which can be separated into recyclable and unrecyclable ones. If we can separate the waste well from home and also make good use of them, they will be a wonder!

The students learned that the smallest thing we can do in facing waste problems is doing 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle). We should focus first on reducing our waste, even though it can be reused or recycled. By that, hopefully, we can solve the problem little by little. Recycling is also fun to do! That is why they also tried to recycle paper and also soaps.

Some of the students tried so hard to enjoy jamu kunyit asam because it is a drink that kids nowadays do not normally drink. But most of them enjoyed the jamu so much as they enjoyed lemongrass tea and traditional cakes. After learning for about 2,5 hours, they went back to school with our bus with smiles and laughs. Hopefully, they can be agents of change, even from the smallest scale of the community.

This program could happen with support from Cuca Bali Restaurant. Thank you for supporting this busload of children!