On 10th January 2018, 12 students from Bali WISE went to Seminyak Beach for Beach Training Program. They were collaborated with Coca-Cola staff for cleaning up the beach and making handcrafted souvenir by using the waste they found. At first they were collecting the waste from the Seminyak Beach for 30 minutes and go back to the base camp to make the handicraft with their own creative design with some help from Coca-Cola staff. The group splits up into two groups and started their creative engine for an hour and the competition is on! Mostly they used plastics and bottle glass as their material. The first group made a flower containers from glass bottle, they painted the bottle to make it more beautiful. The second group made a clock display from plastics, straw and the lamp which was still on. All the materials they used, they got it from the waste on the beach. This teach us a huge lesson on how waste can be recycle into something beautiful. Waste is only dirty if we start throwing it out irresponsibly.