15th July 3 days after Taiwanese Fishing Boat wrecked on Padang Padang Reef

Chris Moore (R.O.L.E. Foundation Chairman) was contacted and R.O.L.E. Foundation agreed to try to spearhead.


It was obvious that there was no tug coming and the wreck was not secured as promised. After pleading to the authorities and wreck owner the previous day, to lets us secure the ship with ropes and anchors, before the rising swell, we were told/warned to leave it alone. They would take care of everything. We were reminded that this was a crime seen. (It surely was a crime seen. An environmental crime seen, and we could do nothing
but wait for the ship to break up and clean up the mess. There were after all other forces at play here).

Meet Chris Moore and Ulu’s Johnny at Padang2. The wreck had been pushed side ways 30 meters out of the take off zone and as the tide came in the wreck was slowly being pushed in and over the reef. There was oil everywhere in the line up and the swell was rising fast. By 10-11am, as the tide peaked, the wreck had been pushed in as she was going. With the swell rising something must be done to stop the oil. 10am……Met with the owners and the Taiwan Police on the cliff top above the wreck. I was pretty obvious, it was all over for the salvage of the ship. The owner was a pasty white color.


11 am Clean up planning meeting for low tide.

Ulu’s Johnny, Tim Russo, Chris Moore, Clemens Berger and Mike O’Leary.

It was agreed that we would try to clean up the oil out of the wreck and surrounding areas with a limits work force before calling in mass amounts of people the following high tide. Too many people would only get in the way, as we were not sure of the conditions and the logistics of disposing of the oil properly. Steve Palmer called and offered his staff to help. that would be just the right amount of people for now.

After calling around all modern clean up equipment and dispersement etc are not available. Tim Russo said he would to manufacture fabric scoop filters out of porous materials. Chris organised 2 pumps , 3x 44 gallon oil drums 10 buckets 20 jerry cans and scrubbing brushes.

Report to ISC, …..No 3………Bali Island……….Tipi……….Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up Saturday………19th July, 2008

6 am ………Check the unsecured wreck.

Promised help from authorities still had not arrived. Oil and sludge turned the line up into a creamy white whirlpool. As the tide was coming in the wreck started to move back out onto the reef a few meters. But, fortunately as the waves started crashing across the reef with the rising tide, against the now severely holed ship the aft or tail started to spin around to the north. It appeared that the wreck was heading back into the lineup. High tide would be around 12 noon.

As 10 am approached, we all watched in disbelief, as if by God’s hands, the wreck parked it’s long body parallel
to the cliff between two massive rocks, with the middle of the wreck coming to rest against another large rock.
It deadset looked like someone was doing a parking maneuver. Maybe it was the ghost captain, or the Hindu
Sea Goddess/Princess?

It was the best possible position for the surf break and to work on clean up operations. Our first good break. We were so used to getting sucker punched by events; this was a piece of good karma.

Report to ISC, ….No 4…….Bali Island………….to Tipi ……….Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up 20th July, 2008….Sunday……………….Role Foundation

Report to ISC, ….No 5…….Bali Island………….to Tipi ……….Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up Monday 21th July, 2008…………………..Role Foundation

Report No 6…..to ISC CEO Tipi……….Bali Island………….to Tipi ……….Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up 22th July, 2008….Tuesday……………….Role Foundation

Report No 7…..to ISC CEO Tipi……….Bali Island………….to Tipi ……….Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up 23rd July, 2008…..Wednesday

Firstly……….I would just like to say to the Journo who made some unkind remarks about our man, N.Y.
Johnny……….; Johnny was among the Fish Guts, Oil/ Diesel, saltwater mix, swimming through that crap and
sliding all over the death at any moment 45 degree angled ship’s deck, and dealing with the highly volatile Marine Police in a desperate attempt to get that Ghost ship off the reef while it was still in one piece before the first big swell hit. Jonny also initiated and managed the wire, line and net , battery and other assorted crap, snorkeling clean up out of the reef and lineup. This action alone will probably save someone’s life. He is an important part of our team.

We ain’t running any wet t-shirt comp here bro. Good luck to you sir!
Never be afraid to fight the good fight.

Secondly……..It is what you can not see at Padang Padang beach that is important……… ..next time you are
going a surfin’ at Padang2 or Impossible, and get your beach babe a roasting to a lovely brown color on
Padang Padang beach, have a look around. It is still as clean as it was before the wreck hit. I wonder why??
? Because the team made the ball breaking decision to protect Padang2 Beach at all cost: to clean up the
oil/diesel, rubbish, maggots/fish heads//bait and every other piece of crap off the ship, reef and rocks and
take it the LONG way around and up through Padang Padang back beach. An extreme effort. Also you could
not see the wreck and our work from the Padang beach or properly from the cliff, and so unless one
climbed down the cliff or came around on the extreme low tide you wouldn’t have seen our hard work on a
day from day basis. All being said we have received approx 99% positive support to only 1% negative. At
the same time we are far from perfect and have learnt a lot. Thanks for the support.

Report No 8…..to ISC CEO Tipi……….Bali Island……………Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up 24th July, 2008…..Thursday

7.30am…………Chris and Mike met at the R.O.L.E. office to finish off the report, plan and Info pack for the DPRD, Badung Government President/Chief Pak Gde Adnyana. This was important to get the story right in Indonesian and NOT offend anyone. Chris had lived here since he was a teenager and even he said the politically correct Written Indonesian was tricky.

I called to the Taiwan Embassy’s contact Mr. Sherlock (This must be his undercover name…….a Chinese guy
named Sherlock??? Undercover brother ! But also a very helpful and sincere guy.) to get the Insurance guys info. He said he would call back in one hour. Adriana our Brazilian can do Capacity Builder/Fundraiser Lady, and Wayan our secretary arrived at 8.30 and we put the final draft together along with all the photos so they could have a visual. Together with other Foundation info, we separated them into there 3 packs. One for the Badung Gov, one for the Bali Gov and one for the Dept of the Environment. Chris sped off for his 9 am meeting. All hands on deck.

Report No 9…..to ISC CEO Tipi……….Bali Island……………Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up 25rd July, 2008…..Friday

Hi Tipi,……CEO, Indonesian Surfing Championship (ISC)
Tomorrow morning, we will fill the shipwrecks 8 intact freezers etc., with water, (Had engine trouble, or we would have done it this morning) so she is so heavy that she hopefully cannot move, even in big seas, until we are ready to let her move. We are also tightening all ropes and monitoring her twice per day. Any large pieces of rubbish will be cleared on low tide, daily. Also, if you guys see anything please let us know.

We plan to Secure the Padang Padang shipwreck until after the 10th August/the end of the Ripcurl ASP WCT
Ulu’s/Padang Padang event. We have communicated this plan to Local government and asked them to get agreement from the Tourism Board and our friends the Water Police and the Coast Guard.

We will try to delay any cutting up or towing operations until after the above date. I think now we have the contacts to pretty well assure this.

Report No 10…..to ISC CEO Tipi……….Bali Island……………Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up 26rd July, 2008…..Saturday

Aim……….Secure the shipwreck until after the major ASP WCT surf contest. Then get rid of it in as eco-friendly
way, as soon as possible. Contain the pollution.

6.30 am……….. Load the now supposedly repaired pump with engine, and the inlet and outlet hoses, plus various other pieces of equipment into the car. Stop to get gas and check the pumps motor oil. Chris starts the engine and gives it a test run. All seams fine. Meet at the top of the cliff behind the Padang Padang back beach, with our hard working Role staff. Carry the heavy/dirty equipment down to the wreck.

Surf at Padang2 on the other side of the wrecks is 2-3 foot.
Haul the pump with its’ petrel engine, the hoses and other equipment by rope, up the side of the 45 degree angled shipwreck and onto the deck.

Report No 11…..to ISC CEO Tipi……….Bali Island……………Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up 27rd July, 2008…..Sunday

Aim…………Secure and maintain the shipwrecked vessel, so there would be little or no pollutants in the line up,
during the Rip sponsored ASP WCT event, up to the 11th August. Keep the pressure up, so to get rid of the
wreck’s toxic body and remaining oils/diesel pollutants once and for all, in an orderly manner.

Report No 12…..to ISC CEO Tipi……….Bali Island……………Padang Padang Ship Wreck and Reef Clean Up 28rd July, 2008…..Monday

To Tipi……….CEO, Indonesian Surfing Competition

Wreck Check …………………….Ropes and vessel secure. Security posted and all appeared tight for the Rip ASP
WCT surf Event.

Surf 1-2 foot sets.

I Wayan Ganti dropped in to the Role Office with his 7 year old boy, Nyoman. Ganti is arguably one of the best
surfers, Bali has produced. He is the ruling Indonesian Legends Champ for the last 2 years. He has taken on huge Nusa Dua, huge Padang Padang etc., and master all.

He was one of the first to donate money, for the clean up. Questioned what was his favorite surf break in Indo
and he said with NO HESITATION……….Padang Padang.

Report No 13…………4th August, 2008……….to Tipi at the ISC (Indonesian Surfing Championship). Shipwreck at Padang Padang.

The ASP, WCT, Ripcurl Pro SOMEWHERE contest was barely over, when at first out going low tide in the
afternoon, the following day, drilling and cutting had begun in earnest to free the huge engine, the 2 generators and cooling pipes/system, etc., from breaking wreck.

Report No 14…………5th August, 2008……….to Tipi at the ISC (Indonesian Surfing Championship). Burning of the Shipwreck at Padang Padang.

Three truck loads of engine parts, God knows how many gallons of gasoline and up in smoke she goes, on fire.
Up she goes. Supposedly, the Chief says the advice to burn came from Australia.

all photo credit of Brian Firth

Report No 15…………6th-7th August, 2008………. Burning / Smoldering Shipwreck at Padang Padang.

Now that the shipwreck has half burnt, the contractor for the you know who are in with the hot knife/oxy to
cut up the miles of cooling pipes, the engine and the 2 generators and various other metal objects. Cut out
only items left of any value.

Report 16…………..To Tipi at ISC (Indonesian Surfing Championship) Padang Padang Shipwreck clean up.

Role is now waiting on the a salvaging team from the you know who, to cut up and take the metal pieces away.
We are communicating on a daily basis with the Teams boss. We plan to clean up the parts and rubbish off the
reef on Wednesday or Thursday.
Here is the latest photo update.

Report 18th…………..Padang Padang Ship Wreck Clean Up 6th September, 2008 Close to the finish

The removal of the metal from the toxic wreck has been long and hard work for the salvage team sent in by the
water Police. They burned the remains of the wreck many times as it broke up.

Final clearing of the Padang Padang Shipwreck to mark Project Aware’s International Cleanup Day

On Saturday September 20th, Role Foundation returned to Padang Padang beach to complete the cleanup of the Taiwanese fishing boat that had run aground two months previously. The day held particular significance, as it was Project Aware’s International Cleanup Day. An annual volunteer event introduced by the Project AWARE
Foundation, the International Cleanup Day serves to highlight how the debris humans generate accumulates and impacts on the world’s marine resources.