Zero Waste to Oceans Conference 2018 was a huge success. 200 like minded waste warrior gather in our Community Environment and Skills Center to show their support for the cause of clean oceans. We have doubled the participants and panelist speaker from last year conference. We might need to build our place larger!

The conference is opened by two performances by none other than our amazing students from Bali WISE. Our president, Mangku Made Ariawan and Australian Consulate General of Bali, Dr. Helena Studdert give a few speeches of how devastated both of them by this problem that we are facing.

Our panelist this year came from all different background and each one of them show full concern for Bali island. We got Loecky Harvianto and Kartika Karosekali from Merah Putih Hijau; Evie Hatch and Aksara from Trash Hero Indonesia; Komang Sudiartha and Rudi from Malu Dong Buang Sampah Sembarangan; Matthew Elks from Bondalem Eco Village; and Jane Fischer and Steve Palmer from Bali Sustainability Hub. All of them has shown their passion towards helping Bali to be clean and green once more.

After our panelist presentation, we commence the Q&A session for our attendees to ask any questions to our panelist. Some of them are seeking serious guidance on how to make Bali clean again, while others show their support toward the conference and communities that we gathered.

There are still many participants who would like to ask questions to our panelists, but sadly we are running out of time and move on to our purposeful networking session. Our participants can approach each panelist or even other participants and engage in a meaningful conversation, while still enjoying our freshly made refreshment.

To close the conference, our Bali WISE students sang one more song from Michael Jackson “Heal the World” which have successfully moved everyone into tears.

Thank you for our participants and panelist for coming to our conference. Special thanks to LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics for being the main sponsors, our prize sponsors whose supported our online fundraising and also our media partners whose promoted our conference.