Friday (06/14/2019) – In order to celebrate World Oceans Day on 8 June 2019, this year ROLE Foundation wants to bring environmental issues related to plastic waste back into the main focus of all levels of society in Bali specifically targeting the government and companies. This Year agenda is in the form of conference and debate which called “Zero waste to Oceans” with the theme “Are Corporations Responsible for their single use Plastic Collections and Recycling” which invited around 200 people to discuss environmental issues involving some environmental experts in Sawangan, Badung. The event was opened by welcoming speech from the Founder of the ROLE Foundation, Mike O’Leary, he emphaiszed the importance of waste management for the sustain enviroment. Some Guest Speaker that invited to this conference who was the experts various field such as Surya Anaya from the Community Care for Waste, Christian Fritz from eco Smart HUB, Dwi Jayanthi from Plastik Detox Bali, Silvija Rumiya from Zero Waste Bulk Store, Reza Helmi from No Plastic Indonesia, Brenda Ritchmond from Bali Buda, I Gede Hendrawan, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D from Udayana University and Piet van Zyl from Positive Impact Forever.

This issue became important after the issuance of a government regulation prohibiting the use of plastic bags that left another problem, namely Solid and Liquid Waste Management. Land trash carried over to the sea indirectly injures aquatic ecosystems and even becomes toxic to human life. The fact is that every day 100,000 cubic meters of garbage flowing into the oceans produced by Indonesia is an apprehensive problem. Indonesia is an archipelagic country and depends on the Natural Resources of the sea, because of that the need for awareness to prevent this problem in the future.

The conference is getting more interesting when the group discussion panel runs. They agree that the government and companies are also responsible for the problem of plastic waste generated from the product they made to the consumers’s hand.One of main solution they propose is  through the implementation of tax policies. The tax policy covers production scheme in the company to control the amount of plastic circulation in society aimed at reducing waste production. The result of the discussion also invited the community to move in the field of prevention to educate how important plastic waste so that people are aware of waste management.

One solution that was present in the midst of this problem was referring to the Suistanable Development Goals point number 14, Life Below Water. Which one of the SDG targets was to reduce pollution levels in marine by 2025. The ROLE Foundation support the goals with Zero Waste Management Program involving Local Villages in Bali to educate local people to manage waste into useful valueable products. We hope in the future there will be more conference who bring up environmental dan waste management issue. The Zero Waste to Oceans conference 2019 can provide awareness to all levels of society to begin treating the maritime environment, especially starting with using plastic wisely.