Crowned with immense joy, we wrapped up the 2023 Beach Cleanup season on December 15th, 2023, at Kedonganan Beach. It’s the start of the rainy season in Bali and usually affects the amount of waste that ends up on the beach shore. We chose Kedonganan Beach again even though we have done beach clean up a couple of times on this beach, because we realized the need for beach cleanup activity on this beach, especially during the rainy season. Despite heavy rain at Kedonganan Beach, our commitment to its protection remained unwavering. We postponed the beach cleanup for 1.5 hours and started the Beach Cleanup at 8.30 AM when the rain stopped. With all our might, we successfully collected 720.35 kg of waste, the largest amount of waste collected from beach cleanup this year.  47 passionate individuals, including 18 enthusiastic elementary students from SD 6 Benoa accompanied by 4 of their dedicated teachers, joined forces to participate in the beach cleanup. We are thrilled to see the next generation actively engage in environmental action, ensuring awareness of a healthy environment takes root early on. 17 Bali WISE students also lent a helping hand, further solidifying the importance of environmental stewardship as a lifelong habit.

Location and Condition of the Beach

Situated in front of the Fish Market area, Kedonganan Beach emerges as a vital hub for locals, tourists, fishermen, and buyers, celebrated for its lively seafood market. This coastal haven not only drives the local economy but also satiates the culinary desires of residents and visitors. Beyond its gastronomic allure, Kedonganan serves as a meeting point for surfers and fishermen, with many seeking the expertise of local fishermen and their boats to navigate the exhilarating waves in the expansive ocean.

Yet, the popularity of this dynamic locale brings forth a challenge – a surge in waste, compounded by both fish market byproducts and ocean-borne debris during the rainy season. This environmental concern not only detracts from the visual charm of the beach but also introduces unpleasant odors. Recognizing the integral role Kedonganan plays in the community’s livelihood and recreation, we have committed to a beach cleaning initiative this December. Our aim is to mitigate the environmental impact, restore the beach’s aesthetic appeal, and ensure the well-being of the diverse community that cherishes this coastal haven.

Waste Collection and Separation

A team of 47 enthusiastic volunteers collaborated to remove a substantial 720.35 kg of waste. Notably, 56.2% of the collected waste was categorized as residue, a common occurrence resulting from the prevalence of severely broken items.  Broken waste items are likely caused by being buried in sand or tossed around by currents in the ocean current. 

The cleanup also brought attention to specific environmental challenges. Ghost nets, comprising 19% of the collected waste, were more abundant due to heavy morning rain softening the sand and facilitating their removal. These discarded fishing nets, left behind by fishermen, pose a significant threat to marine ecosystems. Additionally, the dominance of hard plastic, especially styrofoam, highlights a persistent issue near fish markets like Kedonganan, where styrofoam is still widely used for packaging and as floaties for nets. The dedicated efforts of the ZeroWaste Center and its volunteers remain crucial in addressing these challenges and fostering a sustainable coastal environment.

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