Closing out 2023, we held ZeroWaste Center Goes to School at two elementary schools, SD 5 Benoa and SD 3 Benoa. There were about 354 students who participated in this event from the two schools. In total, this year we have educated around 4,573 students from 16 elementary schools who participated in this program. We provide education on waste management and simple composting at home and at school. The event received great feedback from the schools as it provided a new stimulus on the importance of managing non-organic and organic waste at school and at home. This program will continue with a wider reach in the following year.

Especially for SD 5 Benoa, this is the second time we held ZeroWaste Center Goes to School at this school. The first time, we educated students from grades two, three and six. But last time, students from grades one, four and five participated. They seemed very enthusiastic in participating in this program from the beginning to the end. Of course, we always start with the Waste Management session which aims to introduce and increase the students’ knowledge and awareness about the dangers of waste and the importance of managing our own waste so as not to pollute the environment. We also teach about one type of waste that is easily found but difficult to be decomposed by nature, namely plastic waste. Their knowledge about plastic waste is very important to prevent them from littering. The second session was composting, which we always say is one of the most effective ways to reduce organic waste.

For the first time after the pandemic, we collaborated again with SD 3 Benoa in the ZeroWaste Center Goes to School program. The Principal, teachers and students at this school were very excited to participate in this program. The students received the material well and were active in responding to every question from us. They also gave a positive response to this event which aims to disseminate information related to waste management and composting. After the event, the school hopes to collaborate with R.O.L.E. Foundation in other programs in the future.  

At the end of the event, we will ask two students to summarize what they learned from this activity. Then we give some plants to the school as a message to always green the school with plants. Not only plants, we also donated 50 kg of ready-to-use compost that can be used for plants around the school. We always hope that this program can touch more schools and students in the future so that waste management can be better for a healthy environment.