Eco Surf Rescue: Uluwatu

ROLE Foundation, GUS Foundation, Eco Bali and the surf industry are working with local residents and business owners to clean up the Uluwatu Surf Heritage Area. After removing a dump truck of waste, ROLE Foundation estimates that up to 20-30 tons of solid waste has been dumped into the Uluwatu ravine and is slowly washing into the cave and surf break. Waste pouring into the cave and out into the line up includes excrement, garbage and cooking oil. With 5,000 to 10,000 visitors every month and not enough working bathrooms to meet demand, some visitors are going to the toilet in the bushes and in the cave. Adding to the problem, approximately 30 warungs are pouring out their used cooking oil behind their shops, with the oil eventually ending up in the ocean.

Actions Taken:
So far partners have met and studied the site and a professional topographical survey of the area has been competed. GUS Foundation and experts from Complete Construction Engineering are coming up with a liquid waste system that is linked to a waste garden. Construction of two concrete solid waste sorting bins is in progress and forty plastic rubbish bins have been received and are going to be distributed (one to each warung).The Eco Surf Rescue Team has planned education days about solid waste disposal and has set up a waste collection system where Eco Bali picks up waste and recyclables from the concrete bins three times a week.

Next Steps:
The existing, but currently dysfunctional toilet facilities will be linked to a new sewage system. New toilets will also be engineered and constructed to meet demand. A management team of local stakeholders will be created so ROLE and GUS Foundations will be able to focus their efforts on assisting other coastal communities in need of proper waste infrastructure.

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