Since the last ZeroWaste Training in August 2020, many things have positively changed in the Bondalem Integrated Waste Management site (TPST). The waste is being properly separated and the waste data recorded, and the organic waste is being composted. As a result, there has been a significant decrease in the amount of waste going to the landfill. Also, the TPST can now process more non-organic waste, hire more staff, and train the new staff following the ZeroWaste procedure. On 18-20 November 2020, R.O.L.E. Foundation revisited Bondalem TPST to conduct another ZeroWaste Training.

The second training

The training consisted of three days with several sessions. On the 1st day, Health and Safety Modules were explained to the new staff, and also the basic waste separation was done by practice. On the 2nd day, the training was about how to separate soft and hard plastic waste. Also, the operation of the plastic shredding machine was explained including the preparation of the plastics. Then on the 3rd day, upcycling and composting sessions were conducted. The staff can now apply more refined composting techniques, which results in better quality compost.

Improving results in Bondalem TPST

During the three days of training, the waste separation practice resulted in lesser waste going to the landfill. The 1st day resulted in 295 kg waste for landfill out of 2100 kg mixed waste, on the 2nd day the amount was 225 kg out of 2100 kg mixed waste, and the 3rd day the waste for landfill was 225 kg out of 2700 kg mixed waste. Improvement every day!

The staff has improved its knowledge and techniques of basic waste separation, plastic separation, composting, and glass crushing. Lesser and lesser waste will go to the landfill. There are now eight staff working on basic waste separation, two staff working on soft plastic separation, two staff working on hard plastic separation, two staff working on organic shredding process, and two staff working on composting. This addition of staff is resulting in more kilos of waste being separated and more compost being processed. Something to very proud of!

Be part  of making Bali more environmental friendly

You, as a company in Bali can have your staff trained with R.O.L.E. Foundation’s ZeroWaste Training. Both your company and Bali will become more environmentally friendly. If you are interested in ZeroWaste Training for your company, please contact Rani at +62896-8569-4469 or