Organic Produce ISC3 hotels and restaurants in South Bali are the first businesses to receive organic produce from the Island Sustainability Center (ISC).
Organically grown Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Passion Fruit and Snails has been taken to Luna 2  Hotel in Seminyak, Bumbu Bali in Nusa Dua and the Spanish restaurant El Cabron in Uluwatu.

“We had an Indonesian family in the private hotel over the weekend. We used the Aloe Vera in a dextox drink for breakfast. It has properties that make us feel good and helps eject bad toxins from the body. Fresh aloe is the best flavour wise and health property wise. Over the weekend our guests drank about 15 detox juices they loved the flavour and the thought of it doing good for there health.” says Alanna Agnew, Chef de Cuisine at Luna 2 in Seminyak.

Please contact ROLE if you would like to purchase any of our healthy and environmental friendly products.
All the funds raised through the sale of the organic products from the ISC go directly into the education programs at the center.