Truck that collects the garbage in Banjar Sawangan.

ROLE started the Waste-to-Wonder pilot program approximately a year ago, providing education and waste-management services to Sawangan banjar surrounding the Island Sustainability Centre, Nusa Dua. Now it is set to expand.

The rubbish is sorted and the organic waste (about 60% of total rubbish) is composted and then used as rich natural fertilizer for the Yayasan’s permaculture gardens. The gardens produce organic fruit and vegetables that are sold to local hotels and businesses.
The great success of the Waste-to-Wonder program which is a cooperation of ROLE foundation, Rotary Bali Nusa Dua and the banjar in Sawangan is proof that communities in Bali can turn the problem of rubbish into an opportunity.
Demand from other communities for the program’s working model is already building. Pak Gede from the Banjar Kaja Ngis has asked for ROLE’s assistance in establishing a Waste to Wonder program in their community too.