We are back again this year to bring you Waterman’s Week and Waterman’s Award Night Bali 2019! To mark this incredible milestone, we are bringing back the Clean Oceans Diveathon and Surf Board Art competition.

Join us on this spectacular night to award the amazing Waterman and Waterwoman who have dedicated their life in preserving our environment through sheer effort no matter how big or small they are.

This year, we want you to have the best experience as possible. R.O.L.E. Foundation and Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali is working together to bring this award night to Pier Eight. Located in front of Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali’s beach, the venue exudes a trendy yet relaxed beach club vibe with an amazing views of distant Nusa Penida Island add to the extraordinary ambience, making Pier Eight Bali, Sanur’s beachfront bar as a perfect location for Waterman’s Awards Night.

Reserve your tickets below:

For offline booking, please contact event@rolefoundation.org

All Funds go towards our 6 main programs and project. Yayasan Role Bali is a fully registered Indonesian Foundation. Is extremely transparent, publishing it’s P&L monthly and in it’s 4th Year of audited books.
Training Facilities 1. Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment & Skills Center 2. Bali WISE Marginalized Women’s Skills Education Center.

Children’s Public School Interactive Waste Management Training

Firstly the Public Schools Waste Management is accessed. Then the whole school is invited to do a half day interactive training. They are picked up and returned in the R.O.L.E. Foundation bus and 20 students at a time. Are follow up assessment and change evaluation. Under 15 year olds do the “Waste to Wonder” Course and the older students do the “Think Global, Act Local” Course.

Eco Youth Program

Eco Youth Role Model Program is targeted at youth between 17 and 25 years old. Late high school, University student plus others are taught with hands on experience about waste management, sustainable business and healthy environment practices. On top of these skills they are talk to speak and speak up about the problems facing Bali.

Environmental Ambassador Program

Is a 3 month full time course in Zero Waste to Oceans, Waste Management, Sustainable Business, Parkland, Footpath and Beautification and Council Level Governance Skills. Basic Engineering, Computer mapping, Planning and design, Management, Transparency Reporting and Planning. The students have actual jobs to go to in the Banjar or Desa or as teachers where they can use these skills immediately.

Local Council – Bondalem Eco Village

Assist Bondalem Village to develop: Zero Waste to Oceans Management; Sustainable Business/Eco Tourism; Parkland, Footpath and Beautification. This 2 year project is mostly educational, planning and management assistance and transparency throughout Professional Reporting and Finacials. Introduce Governance skills.
Sustainable Business

Create jobs for local communities through the education and development in micro and small to medium business.

Full circle business, like weaving and natural dyes; upcycling waste products like soap, used sheets and towels; using compost from organic waste to grow plants for business like aloe vera for spa, passion fruit or lemon grass for kitchen.

  1. Educate Women in Micro Business in Financial, Staff and Business Control.
  2. Develop Francises that women can take on in other parts of Bali or Greater Indonesia
  3. Help Overseas Sustainable Business who wish to invest in Indonesia get established.

Women from Coastal and Island Community Skills Education

  1. The Bali WISE Program teaches a 6 month skills education course to young women from marginalized backgrounds.
  2. Women’s Sustainable Business Development teaches business skills to at risk women, mostly middle aged.