ROLE is happy to announce that the Eco Friendly Jobs and Small Business Development Program has been kicked off with the help of two interns from the Northeastern University in Boston (USA).

The students from the International Cooperative Education Program spent one month at the Island Sustainability Education Centre (ISEC).

Volunteers from the Northeastern University in Boston were researching the possibilities of a weaving cooperative.

Their research helped to prepare funding applications to establish a weaving cooperative at ISEC.

Small eco-friendly businesses in natural dyes, cottons and weaving could help create sustainable source of income for women and families.

“I would like to thank the team at the ROLE Foundation for providing our students with an amazing experience during their internship in Bali. It will be fantastic if we can continue this partnership because this would be a great opportunity for future coop students who are interested in interning in Bali.” said Ketty Rosenfeld, the director of the International Cooperative Education Program.

ROLE encourages anyone interested in volunteering to contact us at