Yayasan Idris Royhana with 14 children and 4 adults visited ZeroWaste Center to obtain knowledge related to waste management and environmental issues, and also to experience valuable workshops about waste recycling during the Kids Environmental Program at ZeroWaste Center. We provide some fun and meaningful activities for children to understand more about how to manage waste, composting, recycling and gardening. At the end of the day, the children brought beneficial information and unique experience by joining our tour at ZeroWaste Center. 

Interactive Tour at ZeroWaste Center 

The tour started by gathering the guests at the meeting point, then they received an explanation of the organization’s value to improve environmental education for local people and businesses. After the tour opened, we brought the guests to the first station which was Natural Dyeing Station where the children learned about how to color cloth by using natural dyeing and got knowledge related to the benefits of natural dyeing compared to chemical one. Moving to Soap Recycling Station, the children looked glad to try making their own recycled soap. At the Paper Recycling Station, they obtained information about the reason why we should recycle and use paper wisely to avoid deforestation. 

Bringing them to Workshop Station where we conduct some research and experiments related to waste management and recycling, they became more active to ask some questions related to some new products we made by utilizing waste. Then we went to the Waste Station, where they received information about the types of plastic waste, how to separate waste at home, and an overview of waste issues in Indonesia. After that, the children learned how to make compost by using organic waste such as food waste or leaves. We also showed children how to make Seedball as a unique way to do reforestation. Permaculture amazed them that a lot of plants grow well at the center and they also had the opportunity to taste passion fruits in the garden. Bringing them to the Marine Center made them realize that the ocean is not as good as before because now it is contaminated with plastic, oil, and other hazardous materials. At the end of the tour, we provided local jamu that we produced at the center and taught the children to choose local products. 

Play a ROLE!

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