ZeroWaste Center Online Auction

18 September 2021 is World Cleanup Day, which aims at combating the global solid waste problem, including the problem of marine debris. 

Indonesia is the 2nd biggest marine polluter after China, 40% of all mismanaged plastic waste ends up in the ocean. 

In Bali, there’s no proper waste management. The amount of waste going to landfill could be reduced by 70% if only organic and non-organic waste would be separated. 

R.O.L.E. Foundation has joined the global World Cleanup Day movement and our monthly beach cleanup on September 18th will be dedicated to World Cleanup Day.

We also organized a waste bazaar on that day for people from the surrounding local communities, where they can exchange products for plastic waste.

This year, World Cleanup Day is on the 18th of September. and the ZeroWaste Center Online Auction will start on this same day at 8AM (GMT+8) and will run until the 10th of October at 10PM (GMT+8). All profits will go to the ZeroWaste Center’s environmental programs, with a big thanks to our sponsors! You can make a contribution by starting to bid now!

R.O.L.E. Foundation’s ZeroWaste Center shares environmental knowledge with children, local communities and governments, and companies based in Bali. We aim to reduce the amount of waste ending up in rivers and oceans or going to landfill. We do this by sharing knowledge about waste separation, waste management, composting, recycling and upcycling, and other sustainable practices. 

Organizing events and auctions is an important source of funding for the ZeroWaste Center. As COVID-19 excludes organizing an event, the ZeroWaste Center is organizing an Online Auction to raise the needed funds for continuation of the program. 

We couldn’t have done this without our sponsors.